Pradollano and Borreguiles - Sierra Nevada

BORREGUILES (2,645M) © Michelle Chaplow

Pradollano and Borreguiles - Sierra Nevada

Pradollano and Borreguiles are the place names most frequently refered to at the Sierra Nevada ski resort.

Pradollano (2,100 m)

This is the main resort town, with hotels, apartments, bars, shops, banks and restaurants. From here, two gondolas (cable cars called Borreguiles and Al-Andalus, take you up another 500m to connect to Borreguiles. Pradollano is where you arrive, by car or bus; you can leave your car in one of the car parks. Pradollano is divided into three areas Alta, Media and Baja (high, middle and low). The cable car station is in Baja.

Pradollano is also where Fuente Mirlo Blanco, the snow funpark, is located. See non-ski activities.

Sierra Nevada is not only the most southernly Ski Resort in Europe (37.11 deg latitude), Pradollano is the highest altitude ski resort base in Europe. Officially 2.100m (6.889 ft). The south resort on Mt Etna, Sicilly, Italy is almost as far south (37.64 deg latitude).

Borreguiles (2,645m)

This is the ski station where many ski lifts start from, and where the ski school, nursery slopes, and more restaurants are located. This area has the highest number of runs, especially blue and green.

Two children’s areas: Pista del Mar, and the Alpine Garden, are located here.


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