Sierra Nevada - 2018 / 2019 Season Report

Report for 2018/19 ski season


2018/19 was the second-best season in the resort’s history, with over a million skiers, thanks to an early start, plentiful snowfalls as well as efficient snow production, and good weather.

The season lasted 163 days, from 24 November 2018 to 5 May 2019 – making it one of the longest in history, with the second-highest ever numbers of skiers and visitors.

The number of total visitors was up by 17%, with skiers up by 16%, total non-skiers up by nearly a quarter (23%), and activities rising 34%.


Skiers: 1,029,036

Visitors: 204,303 - non-skiing activities 93,148 (a record high) and other users 111,155

Final ski resort usertotal: 1,233,339

Nationality of visitors: 92% Spanish (of whom 79% were from Andalucia), 8% non-Spanish (62% British)

Average runs open every day: 77 km

Days with 100km or more runs open: 54

Days of competition: 29

Average snow depth: 300 cm

Activities included snow running, music festivals and treasure hunts.