Sierra Nevada - 2006

Sierra Nevada News in 2006

Unfortunately the 2006/2007 ski season was rather dissappointing due to the drought that was affecting southern Spain at the time. When the slopes were finally open for skiing on December 2, the area available for skiiers measured only 2 kilometres in total length. Compare that with the previous year which opened with 11 kilometres in ski runs.

During the first part of the season, ski passes – forfaits – were meted out carefully as there simply wasn’t enough room for the usual number of skiiers. However, thanks to snow cannons, by Christmas conditions were better and only improved in time for the February Carnival season and the “Semana Blanca” (White Week) school holidays. Many were even able to make up for lost time during “Semana Santa” (Easter week) thanks to natural snowfall that extended the total length of open ski runs to 77 kilometers!



Fortunately among the many improvements that the regional government made in the in the facilities at Sierra Nevada were 48 new snow cannons. They also replaced the Dílar ski lift and updated bars and restaurants as well. This is part of ongoing investment in the facilities of this Andalucian gem.

In the end, the 2006/2007 season lasted 142 days. Bad weather closed it down for 9 days and partially closed down the slopes during more than 8 days, meaning there were a total of 125 “ski-able” days.


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