Sierra Nevada Ski Station - News 2009

Sierra Nevada
Sierra Nevada


The 2008/2009 Ski season was one of the best in history with more than 1 million skiers enjoying the slopes. The previous year barely reached 750,000 skiers, but thanks to amazing snow conditions from the start to finish of this past season, Andalucia's premium ski facilities closed on a very good note this time around.



Sierra Nevada

When announcing the year's results, the director of the Sierra Nevada facilities publicly thanked CETURSA, the government company that maintains the slopes, for making so many improvements to the facilities. He also highlighted the cooperation of local authorities that also contribute to the smooth functioning of Sierra Nevada.

Sierra Nevada is committed to continually improving the ski station, lifts, hospitality industry on site and other services available to skiers. Currently, the plans are to create 500 more parking spaces, news that will be welcomed by skiers and non-skiers alike as the facilities are also used by many who come to just enjoy the snow or use the sledding facilities.

The 2008/2009 ski season beat all records with the excellent snow creating up to 100 kilometers of ski runs open to enthusiasts and pros. The season stretched out to an amazing 168 finally closing in the middle of May.


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