Sierra Nevada Ski Station - News 2012/2013

Cetursa Photos Sierra Nevada
Dauro lift allows students and teachers to travel together at the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort


The main event for this season is the Freestyle and Snowboard World Cup Superfinal, which takes place on 18-26 March 2013. This is held at the Sulayr Superpark, which features the biggest permanent half-pipe in Spain, as well as in Loma de Dilar and Borreguiles. For more, see our Events page.



New additions to the Sierra Nevada Ski Station for the 2012/2013 are as follows:

  • New double-width carpet lift at Dauro, so teachers can ride together with learners.
  • Nursery slopes have new zone, measuring nearly one hectare. Next to the Dauro lift, it has its own carpet lift, called Maitena, and is situated behind the Alpine Garden.
  • New access to Borreguiles gondola lift directly from Rio run, avoiding the need to go to Pradollano plaza.
  • Telecabina al-Andalus has faster speed, allowing it to transport more skiers.
  • New snow machine at Prado de las Monjas run, where ski and snowboard races take place – 1400m of perfectly-covered slope, with 20 points for snow cannons.
  • Improved fibre optic at Loma de Dilar, enabling smoother running of races and competitions, access to lifts, and ensuring the quality of services generally.
Cetursa Photos Sierra Nevada
Riding high

Once again, children aged 0-5 go free in the Borreguiles park, as well as disabled from 0-12, and those aged over 70. Special prices for children ages 6-12; disabled adults; those aged 60-69; and university students.

The capacity of the lifts has increased from 47,431 skiers per hour last year, to over 50,000 this year.

Sierra Nevada now has its own channel on Youtube, Sierra Nevada TV.


The 2010/2011 ski season started on 26 November 2011 and finished on 15 April 2012, lasting 142 days, with two one-day closures: for a national strike, and due to poor weather conditions. December saw a record number of visitors, with 188,883 skiers, 23% higher than the average Christmas figures.

The total number of skiers was 843,347, with a further 75,896 visitors using the lifts and recreational area Fuente del Mirlo Blanco, making a total of 992,886. Together with general visitors, who numbered an estimated 220,000, the total for the season was 1,212,886.

Again, like previous years, the majority of visitors – 82.4% - were from inside Spain. This figure is down on last year, not surprisingly; over 60% were from Andalucia – mainly Granada, followed by Malaga and Seville - and 14% from Madrid.

The foreign share rose from 8 to 17.6%, with the majority coming from the UK (10.8%), followed by Portugal (4.9%); Germany, Italy and France made up the remaining non-Spanish visitors.


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