Sierra Nevada Ski Station - News 2010

Sierra Nevada


A bigger and better snowpark: the renamed Superpark Sulayr de Montebajo has moved from its previous location in Borreguiles, to a new, larger site in Loma de Dilar. The new superpark occupies a more extensive area, offering a greater variety of more challenging obstacles, including jumps, boxes, rails and half-pipes. Because of the larger area of terrain, these new features are more spaced out, giving snowboarders and freestyle skiers plenty of room to practise their favourite tricks. For more detailed information on Superpark Sulayr, click here.



Sierra Nevada

The previous site of the snowpark, in Borreguiles, will now become part of the family and beginners' area, making this zone bigger and safer for younger skiers and their parents.

The family ski area also has two new green runs, as well as a new covered carpet lift; for more information, click here.

A new run, la Pista Universitaria, in the Rio Monachil area, has been built, along with a 50-metre túnnel to connect the Maribel run with Pradollano, so that skiers and snowboarders will not be inconvenienced by races and other events on the new piste. This newly-created run is part of the preparations for the Granada University Championships in 2015; in the 2010-2011 season, the Pista Universitaria will host speed trials for the SuperG Downhill.

Two new children's events in April: Maria Jose Rienda, an internationally top-ranked skier who hails from Granada and has won six World Cup trials, will hold her first training clinic for Spain's top 13 to 16-year-olds; and a national schools meeting, when 200 lucky children aged 8 to 9 will spend three days skiing and snowboarding, as well as learning about the mountains, and other winter sports.


The 2009/2010 ski season started on 5 December 2009 and finished on 2 May 2010, and lasted 149 days. The weather during the first part of the season was not ideal, especially in December and February, with 19 days closed, but conditions picked up considerably as spring arrived, with the best Semana Santa ever recorded in terms of visitor numbers - over 80,000.

The total number of skiers was 701,128, which is 30% down on the previous season, but with 54% more people than 08/09 enjoying other winter sports activities, such as the Russian sledge, in Fuente de Mirlo Blanco. Many people also came to spend the day, eat, go shopping and enjoy the beautiful snow-covered landscape.

On 30 January, the highest day's attendance in the station's history was recorded, with over 17,000 skiers.

The newly revamped Viser run, in Loma del Dilar, hosted the final of the World Freestyle Cup, with medallists from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics taking part.


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