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News for the 2014/2015 Ski Season

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Sierra Nevada has a fantastic new website, which features a mini snow report, offering real-time information on the area: air temperature and weather, amount of runs and lifts open, snow conditions including depth, and length of pistes in km; in addition there are individual temperatures for each of the areas currently open, plus predictions for the following days, in terms of weather and which runs and lifts will be open.

A new, exciting website for the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort.

On the piste map page, you can choose to see which runs and lifts are open now, and which are predicted to be open, as well as a version of the map showing all runs and lifts.

A page mapping the piste

The website also features two blogs, on snowboard and Freestyle, and other winter sports events, featuring loads of videos, interviews with top riders, and useful information. The Sierra Nevada app, launched in 2012-13, continues to be popular.


The night-time ski area now includes Maribel run, between Borreguiles and Pradollano, with the total of night skiing runs now available reaching 5.8km.

The season sees three new piste-bashing machines, for compacting snow so that runs are in optimum condition for skiing and snowboarding, bringing the total to 19 machines. There is also a new snowbike for rescue and patrol services.

In terms of snow-making, there are now 17 more snow cannons in Loma del Dilar, covering the whole area of the Monachil chair lift. This means that when there is little or no precipitation, extra snow can be produced, so that the runs can remain open for skiers and snowboarders throughout the season. The resort has 350 cannons in total.

In the area of the detachable chairlifts, you can enjoy 35km of pistes with guaranteed snow - a total of 44 runs.

All these new developments were carried out with two important upcoming events in mind: Snowboard y Freestyle de la Universiada Granada in February 2015 and the Snowboard and Freestyle World Championship in 2017.

Watch videos about Sierra Nevada:

A general introduction to Sierra Nevada 2014/2015


Building the obstacles for the snow park.

Children’s area, Pista del Mar.

La Laguna de las Nieves.


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