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Torremuelle, old watchtowers of Benalmadena

18th Century Map of watchtowers on coast
18th Century Map of watchtowers on coast

Torremuelle, old watchtowers of Benalmadena

On the headland overlooking Playa Torremuelle.

Coastal Watchtowers

There are about 100 different watchtowers (Torre Vigia or Torre Atalaya or Torre Almenara) along the coast of Southern Spain. Some are of Moorish origins others from date from the later Christian re-conquest period. All with the purpose of looking out for invaders from the South. They have lasted the centuries with remarkable strength. In general the towers with square bases are of Moorish origin, and those with round bases were built after the reconquest. In 1575 King Filipe II ordered a major reconstruction programme including the construction of 12 forts.  





Benalmadena Watchtowers

Benalmadena has three watchtowers and one fort that remains to this day. From west to east.

Torre Vigía de Torremuelle in Torremuelle district.
Torre de Torrequebrada in Torrequebrada district.
Torre Bermeja on Avenida del Alay.


On the headland ovelooking Playa Torremuelle. In the centre of a housing estate. Pedestrian access to the tower and gardens from Avenida de la Torre.