Granada City - Royal Hospital

This hospital is a gothic building, founded by the Catholic Monarchs- Isabella and Fernando- it has a Renaissance façade with Plateresque decoration and a Baroque portico as well as beautiful courtyards and coffered ceilings, they comissioned the building in 1504 and it was designed by the architect Enrique Egas, and was built in 1511. There is a large fountain in front centred by a grand monumental column.

It has had a variety of purposes over the years. Originally serving as a hospital for the poor pilgrims and soldiers who had been injured during the conquest of Granada. Then, from 1536, it was also used as a prison for the insane; the infamous San Juan de Dios was kept here for a time when he was considered insane. Much later, it was also used to treat people from all over the country suffering from the effects of venereal diseases, especially syphilis, which was rife at the time.

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