Granada City - Church of San José

The Church of San José is also worth visiting close by as it is on the site of the Great Mosque of La Alcazaba and the minaret belongs to caliphal architecture, the only one preceding the Almoravid type. It is here that the 'Christ of Silence' by José de Mora is kept. All the churches in the Albaicín have Mudéjar traces in their 16th century construction.

Situated close to the walls as well are the San Miguel El Bajo and Santa Isabel la Real, a convent founded by the Catholic Queen, it has a magnificent Gothic-Isabel line portal by Enrique Egas, within which there are remains of a Nasrid palace. Behind here are the 15th century Dar al-Horra, the palace of Aixa, Boabdil's mother with the structure and ornaments still well-preserved. The El Albaicin borders the river on the Carrero del Darro where the El Castril House is located.

This small palace has a plateresque façade and a wonderful coffered ceiling in its main hall which also houses the Provincial Archaeological Museum. Among the exhibits here are megalithic artifacts from the necropolis of Zalabi, Phoenician discoveries from Almuñecar and Visigothic relics from Marugan, among others. The Santa Catalina de Zafra Convent, still in the same area boasts a Renaissance portal and church, as well as a retable with sculptures by José de Mora and paintings by Risueño and Bocanegra.