Arabic Baths in Malaga City

Arabic Baths in Malaga City

Right in the heart of the Historic Centre of Malaga is the most wonderful antidote to those long days of sightseeing and busy shopping – ‘El Hamman’ or ‘baño magico’.

In an unassuming narrow street in the old Jewish quarter (Calle Tomás de Cózar), at just a few metres away from the Picasso Museum is the beautifully restored 2 storey, 18 th century building housing authentic Arabic Baths. These beautiful baths are very sensitively decorated with historic artefacts to make this a real ‘hammam’ experience.

There are dry heat and steam rooms as well as cooler areas with basins and fountains to refresh your body after relaxing in the warmer rooms. The hot room temperature stays at a steady 40 oC, while the cooler area is 3 oC. The overall area of 190 square metres allows for a maximum capacity of 25 to 30 people at any one time.

Not only are the surroundings as authentic as they are enchanting and relaxing (with exceptionally friendly and helpful staff) there are also many types of massage available to choose from. The Turkish Massage is a specialty of the baths and involves a relaxing massage with water, pure olive oil soap and an exfoliating horsehair glove. Other massages on offer include; aromatherapy, oil and salt exfoliation, lymph drainage, Shiatsu, Thai and a very ancient and health giving Chinese massage, TuiNa.

Although it is normally possible to go along at any time during the opening hours, it is usually a good idea to phone beforehand to check when it may be busy, especially if a group of you would like to go along together.

Prior booking is essential for a massage.

Tickets for a Hammam / Arab Baths in Malaga

Buy tickets for a Hammam / Arab Baths

The price of the massages vary from around 31 euros to 80 euros depending on the time taken and type of treatment – the top of the range being a luxurious 50 minutes chocolate massage.

Opening Hours: seven days a week (including public holidays)
From 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Calle Tomás de Cózar 13
Tel: 952 212 327


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