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Seville theatres

Seville has a long history of theatrical performances: its most beautiful and historic theatre, Lope de Vega, is named after the famous 17th century playwright. But there are also both larger, more modern theatres; and plenty of smaller, intimate venues, perfect for alternative productions, as well as flamenco performances - this is Seville, after all.


Teatro Central
Modern theatre in the north of the Isla la Cartuja. Contemporary dance, theatre, music, children's entertainment, as well as flamenco and pop concerts.
José de Gálvez 6, Isla de Cartuja,
Tel 955 03 72 00

Teatro Alameda
This venue, just off the Alameda itself, hosts many children's performances for school groups of all ages, as well as everything from flamenco to jazz and pop. Films are shown here during the Seville Film Festival each November.
Credito 13
Tel 954 900 164

Teatro Lope de Vega
Seville's most famous and emblematic theatre, near the Parque Maria Luisa, dating from the 1929 Expo. More info.
Music, theatre, dance, plus movies during the Seville Film Festival in November.
Avenida Maria Luisa
Tel 954 590 853/867; 955 472 828

Teatro Maestranza
Modern, round building between the Maestranza and Torre del Oro, opened just before the 1992 Expo. Home to the Royal Seville Symphony Orchestra, this hosts internationally-renowned stars and companies in opera, ballet and concert performances. Each season, it puts on a production of one of the host of operas set in Seville. Seats 1800.
Paseo Cristobal Colon 22
Tel 954 226 573/223 344

Estadio La Cartuja de Sevilla
By far Seville's biggest venue, with a 60,000 capacity. Has hosted big international names such as AC:DC, U2, Bruce Springsteen and Madonna. Also the venue for sports events such as the UEFA Cup Final in 2003, and the 2004 and 2011 Tennis Davies Cup Finals.
Camino del Descubrimiento, s/n Isla de la Cartuja
Tel 954 489 400

Cartuja Center
This new venue in the Isla de La Cartuja, a contemporary glass and metal cubist building which opened in 2018, seats 2,047. Seating is flexible and multipurpose, using an ingenious system whereby the front section of stalls seats retract down into the floor to create standing room for rock concerts (accommodating 3,800 in total), or cabaret-type events with tables and chairs. The theatre boasts the latest sound system with hundreds of speakers, and a cutting-edge acoustic shell (to enhance the sound, in both volume and quality, for the audience). Hosts pop, classical and flamenco concerts, as well as opera and dance productions. The centre also houses a smaller theatre and other meeting/event  spaces, with 35,000m2 of space in total.
Calle Leonardo da Vincci 7
Tel 955 519 125

Auditorio Rocio Jurado
Seats 4,000, host to Festival of Colors, as well as live music.
Camino del Descubrimiento, s/n Isla de la Cartuja
Tel 954 467 418


Centro de las Artes de Sevilla
Dance and theatre; also exhibition space in the historic Monasterio San Clemente near the Puente Barqueta.
Torneo 18
Tel 954 915 2313

Sala Cero
In the heart of real Seville, just behind buzzing Plaza Los Terceros, this shows art-house plays. Seats 172.
Calle Sol 5
Tel 954 225 165

Sala El Cachorro
Local space with outside area and bar; lively atmosphere.
Procurador 19, Triana
Tel 954 339 747/344 679

Sala Fli
One of the newer spaces in the city, albeit in the outskirts, home to the renowned Los Ulen company.
Raso 3, Poligono Hytasa
Tel 954 648 134

Sala La Fundicion
An intimate venue in this hidden maze of cobbled streets near Puerta Jerez which once housed the Royal Mint. Comedy, flamenco, dance and theatre. Seats 149.
Habana 18, Casa de la Moneda
Tel 954 225 834

Teatro Duque-La Imperdible
The first independent theatre in Andalucia when it opened in 1983, in an old industrial warehouse, and one of the first in the country. Still the leading alternative venue in Seville. Home to La Imperdible company. Seats 180.
Plaza del Duque
Tel 954 905 458

Teatro Quintero
The latest addition to the Seville theatre scene, opened in May 2010, in the shopping district. Owned by TV presenter Jesus Quintero.
Cuna 15
Tel 954 293 231

Teatro Salvador Tavora
La Cuadra company has been based at this venue for 25 years, performing in 126 festivals in 30 countries.
Avenida Hytasa 14
Tel 954 658 818