Festivals - November guide

Constantina de la Sierra celebrates the Mushroom Festival © Michelle Chaplow
Constantina de la Sierra celebrates the Mushroom Festival

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Festivals - November guide

We are well into the autumn gastronomy celebrations in Andalucia. Thanks to a traditionally bountiful harvest, these festivals and fairs have become annual events. If you’re looking for a good excuse to travel about Andalucia in search of new flavours and good old-fashioned fun, here are a few suggestions to take you right through the month:

Andalucia is filled with fascinating cultural events throughout the year. Whilst many of these festivals take place on the date indicated each year, others move slightly in relation to the day of the week or the religious calendar or occasionally weather.

In order to confirm, the villages town hall website (www.villagename.es) or Facebook page may publish the date or a poster in the few week preceding the festival.




Fiesta de las Castañas – Chestnut Festival

1 November,
Alpujarra de la Sierra, Granada

Chestnut festival in many other villages on 1st Novemeber of the following Sunday.

In Alpujarra de la Sierra, a village in Granada province, the Chestnut Festival is a harvest tradition that was almost lost until villagers decided to get back on track in 1986. Since then they’ve been roasting chestnuts, dancing and singing faithfully every year. You’re welcome to join them! Also in Alcaucin, Malaga Celebrating, and living thanks for, the chestnut harvest. According to local legend, the oldest trees (castaños) are in the Mecina Bomaron, and date from Moorish times.

All Saints Day

1 November,
Towns across Andalucia

On November 1st, fiestas called "Tosantos" (contraction of "todos los santos", or "all saints") are celebrated. The Día de Todos los Santos is celebrated throughout Andalucia. Día de Todos los Santos is celebrated throughout Andalucia and is traditionally a time to clean up the cemeteries. That was also the case in Baños de la Encina in Jaen province. However, it seems the men in the village tired of hearing the church bells chiming all day while the women were away at the cemetery. They began to organise hunting trips which evolved into a modern day camping trip where everyone heads out to enjoy the great outdoors.


1 November,
Baños de la Encina, Jaen

This traditional fiesta came out because the men of the town got fed up with hearing the church bells toll all day on All Saints' Day, so they went to the countryside to hunt, fight bulls and drink wine. These days, women are allowed to accompany them.


Until November 4
Tapa Fair - Feria de la Tapa
Sanlucar de Barrameda in Cádiz is known for its excellent seafood, so expect to try a wide variety at the Féria de la Tapa. This seaside city is a lovely place to visit anytime of year and the Tapa Fair gives us just one more good excuse to make the trip.

Traditionally 4 - 6 November,
Andujar, Jaen

Medieval market with themed traditional games, street theatre, handicrafts and good stalls. Part of the Programa de Animación of Jaen's Ruta de los Castillos y las Batallas (Castres and Bateles Route).

The feast of San Martín

Traditionally 11 November,
Towns across Andalucia

Saint Martin’s Feast (Día de San Martín) is the traditional day in all the towns and villages of the mountain areas of Andalucia to slaughter pigs in preparation for the winter time.

November 12 to 16
Féria de Cuevas de Almanzora – Almanzora Fair
While food is a part of every annual fair, it seems to enjoy special attention at this fair in the province of Almería. Local clubs and Catholic brotherhoods who run their casetas take great pride in cooking up their best local recipes to enjoy their most typical local gastronomy.


Traditionally 13 November,
Cuevas de Almanzora, Almeria

The Feria is held in the Luis Siret park, starting off with the fiesta celebrating the town's patron saint, San Diego de Alcala.


Traditionally 13 November,
Guadix, Granada

Celebrated on the second Sunday of November, this fiesta dates from the 17th century. This image of the Virgin is a replacement for the original, which was destroyed during the Civil War. On the previous Sunday, the statue is taken from her usual place of worship to the cathedral.


Traditionally 19 - 22 November,
Constantina, Sevilla

If you like fungi, then these outings will delight - go with a group of mushroom lovers and experts to collect, talk about and cook them. Guided visits to El Robledo Botanical Garden, where you can spot various species.


Traditionally 25 November,
Santa Fe, Granada

On Dia de Santa Catalina, everyone heads off to the countryside to have lunch. Stoves are set up and dishes prepared using aromatic herbs picked in the spot, such as thyme and rosemary, as with walnuts, chestnuts and other local produce for pudding.

November 25
La Merendica Day
The village of Santa Fe in Granada has a wonderful way to celebrate Santa Catalina (Saint Catherine) Day. This is an outdoor event where everyone cooks up their favourite dishes over a fires made from aromatic herbs like rosemary and thyme. The bakeries in Santa Fe even have a traditional pastry they only produce this one day every year. You can only purchase your samples on Saint Catherine’s Day and don’t forget to bring along nuts and dried fruits if you attend the celebration as these are typically eaten for dessert.


Traditionally 27 November,
Atajate, Málaga

The smallest town in Malaga province, this village hosts a grape juice festival on the last Sunday of November, with free mosto (natural fermented grape juice) for everyone.


Traditionally 27 November,
Totalan, Málaga

This traditional dish is made from fried potatoes and chorizo, on a bed of breadcrumbs with garlic, oregano, cloves, cumin and pepper. It was eaten by those who worked long hours in the fields. Today it is celebrated in this festival, on the last Sunday of November, where it is eaten accompanied by local wine or beer, along with verdiales and other music and dancing.

November 29
Fiesta del Mosto – Mosto Festival
This festival takes place in Málaga’s tiniest village, Atajate. Mosto is a local grape juice product that has only fermented for about a month or so. Expect many a free sample at this harvest fair.

November 30
Fiesta de la Chafaina
Cooking and history genuinely go hand in hand at this festival in Totalán, Málaga province as locals revive a very old recipe based on potatoes and meat combined with herbs, spices, bread crumbs, garlic and many other wonderful, local ingredients. If you’ve ever wondered how people ate in the Andalucia you read about in history books, this is your chance to find out.

November – end
Mushroom Festival – Jornadas Micológicas
Constantina de la Sierra is located in the mountains to the north of Seville, our regional capital. This is a mushroom lover’s paradise. The Mushroom Festival aims to share that message with the rest of the world, offering the chance to learn about local varieties with exhibitions, visits to the local botanical gardens, workshops and conferences given by experts, and of courses guided visits to the countryside to search for mushrooms growing in the wild.

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