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Festivals in Andalucia Due to the Coronavirus restrictions in Andalucia most traditional festivals and parades are yet to restart. Some are being replaced with smaller static events. Semana Santa (Holy week) 2022 is looking more likely to take place. Most concerts and theatrical events are taking place in seated and open-air venues. Keep up to date with the latest info about Coronavirus in Andalucia, Spain.

Winter Festivals

All Saint´s day is a time to reflect on dear freinds and family that are no longer with us. © Michelle Chaplow
All Saint´s day is a time to reflect on dear freinds and family that are no longer with us.

All Saints Day

On November 1st, fiestas called "Tosantos" (contraction of "todos los santos", or "all saints") are celebrated in Cadiz and Andalucia.   More>





The feast of San Martín

On 11th November, is the occasion for the slaughtering of pigs, in preparation for the winter-time drying of hams and sausages, at a fiesta called la matanza - literally, the killing - in all the towns and villages of the mountain areas of Andalucia. The day begins with the killing of the pigs and is spent butchering the carcass and stuffing sausages and black pudding. A great deal of eating and drinking accompanies these events.

Chrismas Eve

The quietest evening of the year in Andalucia. Even most of the bars are closed. An evening reserved for a family dinner.
See our page on Christmas in Andalucia

The Verdiales Music Festival

The Verdiales Music Festival takes place 28th of December outside Malaga. The Pandas or groups of musicians from local villages compete on stage. More interesting are the spontaneous practice and jamming sessions where they fiddle, strum and rattle their instruments in a cacophonous frenzy, while bottles of potent Málaga wine and aguadiente are passed from hand to hand. They appear in traditional costumes with unusual flowery headgear also festooned with mirrors, bells, beads, and ribbons..