Moors & Christians festivals

Moors & Christians Festivals

This festival is more popular in the east of Andalucia in the mainly provinces of Granada and Almeria, It takes place on different many days through out the year depending on the locality.

The origins are obviously the battles following the re-conquest on the XVI and XVII century. The usual format for the fiesta is first a procession of the Moors and the Christians, then a theatrical enactment of verbal attacks and rejections by both groups, a battle enactment with skirmishes and dances, the conversion or the death of the moors, and finally homage to the patron saint.  

In some larger festivals, often over two days the popular format is for the moors to 'capture' the virgin or a local relegious relic and take it to a location. On the second say the christians recover the relic and retuen it to the church or chapel.

Nowadays with greater affluence the uniforms are more spectacular. The Christians wear the uniforms of the soldiers of the re-conquest. The moors wear basic short sleeved cotton jackets.

See below for a list of many towns that support the festival with the name of the patron saint and the date. Whilst many of these festivals take place on the traditional date indicated each year, others move slightly in relation to the day of the week or the religious calendar or occasionally weather. In order to confirm, check the villages' town hall website ( or their Facebook page may publish the date or a poster in the few weeks preceding the festival.

Almeria Province

Virgin del Rosario, 7 October

Alcudia de Monteagud
2nd Sunday in August

Purisima Concepcion, 8 December

Cristo del Bosque, 8 December

last Sunday in July

Virgin de la Cabeza, 23-24 September

San Roque, 14-16 August

San Antonio de Padua, 11-14 June

San Sebastian, 20-22 January


La Loma
San Miguel, 29 September

San Ramon, 30-31 August

San Sebastian, 20-21 January

San Sebastian, 20 January

Paterna del Rio
Santo Xto de las Penas, 14-15 September

El Divino Rostro, first fortnight in August

San Sebastian y Santa Ines

San Antonio de Padua, 13-5 August

San Roque, 15-17 August


Granada Province


San Luis Rey de Francia, 25 August

Aldeire, Virgin del Rosario, 31 Mayo

Baza, Cascamorras, 5-6 Sept

Benamaurel, Virgin de la Cabeza, last Sunday in April

Beznar, Virgin de la Dolores, 8-9 September

Bubion, San Sebastian, 21 January

Caniles, San Sebastian, 20 January

Capiliera, Virgin de la Cabeza, Last Sunday in April

Cogollos Guadix, Virgin de Cabeza, 25 April

Guadiz, Cascamorras, 5-6 Sept

Mecina Tedel, san Fermin, 2 May

Montejicar,Virgin de la Cabezo, 24-26 August

Molvizar, Santa Ana, 25-28 July

Orce, San Anton y San Sebastian, 17-19 Jan

Pampaneira, Santa Cruz, 3-4 May

Virgin Rocio, 8-9 September


Pozo Iglesias
San Torcauto, 13 May

San Sebastian, First week October

San Torcauto
San Torcauto, 15 May

San Antonio Padua, 12-14 June

San Marcos, 24-26 April

San Antonio, 13 June

Segundo Corazon de Jesus, 3 May

Santo de la Yedra, 15 Sep

Velez de Benaudalla
San Antonio de Padua, 12-14 June

V de la Cabeza, last Sun in April

Belmez de la Moraleda
Señor de la Vida o Cristo de la Moraleds, 19-22 August

Campilla de Arenas
Virgin de la Cabeza, 9-10 August


Jaén Province


Carchelejo, Virgin del Rosario, 15 August


Malaga Province


Virgin de Monsalud, 12-16 September

Jesus Narazeno

San Isidro, 28-29 August


Sto domingo Guzman,4-5 August

Santo de la Salud


Cadiz Province


Benanahoma, San Antonio, first Sat and Sun in August


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