Andres Segovia Guitar Competition

Andres Segovia Guitar competition

On 22nd to 26nd November 2022 the 37th edition of the Andres Segovia International Classical Guitar Competition takes place. This annual event attracts leading classical guitarists under 35 years of age from around the world and its objective is to promote the study of the guitar, whilst honouring the memory of Andres Segovia, adoptive son of Almuñecar and La Herradura.

Casa-Museo Andrés Segovia is located in Linares, Jaen province. it includes intimate documents linked to the artist: sheet music, press clippings, concert programs, photographs and more. Inside, a beautiful central courtyard with a square floor plan and stone columns worked in Tuscan style allows access to the different rooms, the old oil cellar which is now the crypt where the remains of Andrés Segovia rest.


The competition is organised by the Almuñecar Town Hall and the Herradura district office in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Culture. The competition was awarded the Medal of Merit from the Academy of Fine Arts of Granada and also declared of tourist interest by the Junta de Andalucía.

The event had traditionally taken place in La Heredura's beautiful San José Church. Since the 2006 edition, the competition has taken place in the Civic Center Auditorium now called Auditorio «Diego Martínez». The contest was originally held in January but was moved to the week of Santa Cecilia day (November 22nd) the Patroness of Music.

The event begins in the "Jate" Centro de Cultura with the presentation of the judges and contestants when lots are drawn to decide the order of appearance at the civic centre.

The various rounds then follow until the judges choose the winners of the guitar and the winner of the Andres Segovia competition. On the final evening of the International classical guitar competition contestants are accompanied by a well-known pianist.

The prizes are presented on the final night followed by a recital of the winners. The first prize is about 5,000 Euro, with 2,500 Euro for second, 1,500 Euro for third and three special prises of 500 Euro.

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