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Golf Club Hire

La Reserva Sotogrande Casa Club 18th hole  © Kevin Murray .

Golf club hire on the costa del sol

The Costa del Sol, famous to many for its stunningly situated golf courses of which are in abundance. It is no surprise, therefore, to notice on your journey West from Malaga airport the iconic road signs informing you where you are - 'Costa del Golf'. Therefore whether a seasoned pro or somewhat of a beginner, the Costa del Sol/Golf has courses to suit all abilities and sufficient hire opportunities to compliment demand.

Why hire?

Hiring allows you to lighten the load whilst on holiday and have one less thing to think about. It is often cheaper than taking your own gear on the plane and you won't have to worry about your prized driver getting damaged or lost whilst in transit. There is also an environmental argument for hiring golf clubs in that you could be reducing your carbon footprint by 25 - 30kgs should you choose to hire and not add the weight of your golf bag to the plane!

where to hire

There are opportunities to hire golfing equipment from Malaga airport, golf clubs themselves (although this is often more expensive), hire shops located on the Costa del Sol and many companies even offer a delivery service to where you are staying.

are there restrictions on who can hire?

There are no restrictions on who can hire clubs. Regardless of your age and ability hire companies will hire golf equipment to you so long as you have a valid debit/credit card or Paypal account. Due to high tourist demand, most companies will have English speaking employees who can find the right set of clubs to suit your needs and abilities.

Depending on who you hire through, if you have ordered online prior to coming to the Costa del Sol be aware that you may also need to bring some form of proof of identification with you before you may collect the clubs. This is a security measure for the company.


Most companies do not require a deposit, however you will need to have a valid debit or credit card or failing this, Paypal account in order to pay for your hire clubs. If you do break or damage any equipment, you will be expected to pay for this and this is why you will need to provide details of a valid debit/credit or Paypal account.

Many companies offer you the opportunity to pay a small extra fee as insurance to help you cover any costs, should you need to pay for any damages. Check with your airline but it often works out cheaper to hire clubs for a week than to transport your own set abroad.

If, for whatever reason you decide to cut your rental period short, you will often have a small amount of the total rental cost refunded, but this will vary depending on who you hire with.




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