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Marbella Districts - El Ancón

A sun-kissed  day in El Ancon.
A luxurious day in El Ancon.

El Ancón

Golden Mile Marbella Beachside Districts - El Ancón

El Ancón is the beachside district between Río Verde and Puente Romano. The area has borne the name of the beach for many years, and the seafront promenade runs the full length of the district.

Urb. Playa Esmeralda is the large, modern urbanisation sitting between El Ancón and Río Verde. It has a contemporary appearance with marble balconies and dark-green glass enclosures. It is essentially three blocks forming a U-shape, with large gardens and a swimming pool. The seafront is bounded by a glass fence, ensuring that sunbathers have an uninterrupted sea view and those walking along the promenade also have interesting views. 

Overlooking and facing the Golden Mile is the oldest antique shop in Marbella, El Castro de Río Verde, which has been selling antiques in an old farmhouse since 1955 - ideal for decorators looking for marble statues, wooden and bronze doors, and carved stone emblems. This area is home to some extremely large 1980s villas with interesting names such as Villa Perla, Casa Hana and Chalet Jeannette.

Port Oasis is a pace-setting single block urbanisation. It looked futuristic when constructed, and in many ways resembles a ship. The pyramid shape and tiered balconies provide all apartments with a "penthouse" feeling. Access here is via the Oasis Club entrance to the Golden Mile. The former underpass is now closed off. The central community area is 1930 pavilion style with a row of arches. 

With its impressive entrance, Urb.Oasis Club gives impression of a Moorish kasbah. It has been well maintained and the white painted walls, castellated features and royal blue painted doors and other features reinforce this image. For decades the pavilion was the location of the legendary Toni Dali restaurant, and since 2015 Los Cubes restaurant.

Opposite the palace of the Saudi King, and next to the barely noticeable Arroyo de la Cruz,a rough-looking track leads off the Golden Mile sign-posted Victor's Beach Bar. Enter here, and before you head down the tree-lined track on the right-hand side is the gated entrance of Urb. El Ancón. At the bottom of the track you will find parking is very limited in winter and impossible in summer.

Towering above in the trees the old watchtower Torre Ancón remains standing in a wood of eucalyptus trees. From here you can walk down to Playa el Ancón and Victor's Beach Bar, now better connected thanks to the seafront promenade. Nearby some concrete irrigation channels remain from when this land was farmed. The abandoned plot is regally fenced off with large iron railings and formal gates. This was probably the work of the original Puente Romano developers. It is strange to see this area abandoned, considering the land must be among the highest valued in Europe.

Two small army-style blocks of apartments are hidden in the corner of this land. The roads belonging to the Puente Romano development can be seen to run directly into the boundary wall, as if future development is planned at any moment.