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Marbella Neighbourhoods - Puente Romano

A luxurious tennis court in Puente Romano.
A luxurious tennis court in Puente Romano.

Puente Romano

Puente Romano (Phase 1)

The Puente Romano (Phase 1) complex was built in 1976 by Tulio Pino, a Seville property developer, with the aim of it becoming one of the most exclusive Andalucian village-style apartment complexes on the Golden Mile.

The gardens are highlighted by a small arched cobblestone bridge. Although it has been renovated from time to time over the centuries, the basic frame remains and its origins are probably of Roman construction. It spans the long-gone Arroyo de Nagüeles and was part of the Roman road network. Curiously, the location is south of, and not in the centre line of, the current Golden Mile, which was the main (N-340) coast road until 1994. The bridge became the central feature of the development. 

 Just 60 units were sold privately before, in 1979, the remainder were sold as a package to Syrian businessman Mouaffak Al Midani, who turned the complex into the Puente Romano Hotel. When Mouaffak died, the hotel risked closure until it was bought by Marbella resident David Shamoon in 1995 - he also bought the Marbella Club Hotel.

Most of this area is open for those wanting to wander around.  The area or The Plaza around the little Roman bridge is quiet in the day and in the evening comes alive as a dining area.   Dani Garcia's eponymous Michelin-star restaurant and BiBo bistro are located in the hotel, as well as the La Suite nightclub. Down on the beach front is the Sea Grill restaurant and Del Mar beach club, and on the beach, La Milla Marbella.


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Puente Romano Phase II.

Puente Romano Phase II is a 1983 gated complex, comprising 78 apartments in several blocks constructed in the form of a "horseshoe". It is located directly in front of the Hotel Puente Romano reception area. 

It was built by the original developer of the first phase and hotel, Tulio Pino, and designed by architect Melvin Villarroel, beforethe property was later sold to Mouaffak Al Midani.

The outstanding features are the beautiful swimming pools and gardens, and the short walk to the beach.

Marina Puente Romano

Marina Puente Romano is a 1992 gated complex, comprising of 234 apartments, divided into three different-style gardens. It is on the seafront and adjacent to the Puente Romano Hotel.

The Andalucian gardens comprise 72 apartments, close to the tennis courts and gym of the Puente Romano Hotel. Persian Gardens comprises 84 apartments and Japanese Gardens 78 apartments. Each garden has its own community swimming pool.

Marina Puente Romano was developed by the original owner of the Hotel Puente Romano, Mouaffak Al Midani, and architect Melvin Villarroel.

To the east side Marina Puente Romano, adjacent to Avenida Melvin Villarroel, is a beautiful open garden and water feature running down towards the seafront.

Las Terrazas de Puente Romano

Las Terrazas de Puente Romano is a 2003 fully-gated complex to the west of the Puerto Romano tennis club and behind the Japanese Gardens of Marina Puente Romano, with one block called Lotus.

Constructed by a Dutch developer, it features stunningly lush Japanese designer gardens: artificial ponds and cascades, and a selection of exotic plants, flowers and trees.

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