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Marbella - Golden Mile Beachside Districts

Marbella  -  Golden Mile Beachside Districts

Río Verde
This district comprises mainly established villas and includes the site of the Rio Verde Roman villa. There are plenty of bougainvillea climbing over Río Verde's high boundary walls, and large white villas on the front line. It is bounded by the river of the same name. 

El Ancón
El Ancón is the beachside district between Río Verde and Puente Romano. The area bears the name of the beach and the old watchtower, Torre Ancón, hidden in the woods near Victor beach bar. This is an extremely exclusive district. The seafront promenade runs the full length of the district.

Puente Romano
The Puente Romano district comprises four residential complexes built between 1967 and 2003, located on the southern side of the Golden Mile and running down to the seafront promenade.

Los Veridales
Los Veridales is an established urbanisation on the seafront east of Puente Romano. It consists of five blocks of apartments and several villas.

Las Torres
Comunidad Las Torres del Marbella Club - is reached via a narrow lane running down to the beach with no parking and giving access to 10 exclusive villas.

Marbella Club Hotel
With its imposing arch, Marbella Club was the first hotel to be opened in the (then) tiny fishing hamlet of Marbella, back in 1954, by German Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe-Langenburg, who invested in land in the Marbella area.

Santa Margarita
This was the name given to the farming estate that was originally purchased to create the Marbella Club. The gardens with their pool and Romanesque artefacts have won several awards. 

Las Cañas
Urb. Las Cañas Beach is a narrow strip of land running down to the beach and comprising two rows of townhouses with interior gardens and swimming pools. 

Marbella Mar
Marbella del Mar is the district at the eastern end of the Golden Mile around the Marbella exhibition centre. It includes the Urb. Casablanca, Urb. Alhambra del Mar and Marina Mariola Marbella Resort.