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Marbella - The Golden Mile

The Golden Mile is full of urbanisations which are a great place to live. © Sophie Carefull
The Golden Mile is full of urbanisations which are a great place to live.

Marbella - The Golden Mile

Marbella's "Golden Mile" starts at the western edge of Marbella city (Plaza Bocanegra) and extends for some five kilometres as far as the Río Verde, which is just before Puerto Banús. Before the Marbella by-pass was constructed in 1994, the Golden mile was the main N-340 coast road. It is totally straight in this location giving a clue to its origins as a Roman road and confirmed by the Puente Romano.  

Marbella´s Golden Mile © Michelle Chaplow
Marbella´s Golden Mile.

Some of the Marbella's early luxury evelopments were established in this area, such as Marbella Club Hotel (1954) and Puente Romano district including Puente Romano Hotel. 

Golden Mile - Origin of the Name

Like all unofficial geographic terms, the limits of the Golden Mile are not well defined. Some real estate agents include properties a good distance away. The term "Golden Mile" was actually coined in the early 1980s by Roy Boston, the German singer (he had hits with España Olé and La Parranda in 1973) turned property developer, who died in the late 1980s. Unusually for a foreigner in Spain, a road bears his name - near his development Alhambra del Mar.


The original Golden Mile was located in Blackpool, Lancashire, UK and the name was given to the 1.6-mile promenade between the North and South piers due to the excessive number of slot machines. Marbella's Golden Mile, while relatively well known, has not reached high enough international fame to be included in the Wikipedia Golden Mile listing. The even lesser established term "New Golden Mile" refers to the mainly straight stretch of coastal road between San Pedro (Marbella) and Estepona. 


Golden Mile Beachside  -  This beach-side district refers to all the land between the Golden Mile as defined above and the seashore.

Golden Mile Mountainside - This district refers to the area adjacent and above the Golden Mile and below the A-7 coastal motorway. 

Golden Mile Sierra - This district refers to the area in line with the Golden Mile and above the A-7 coast motorway. It includes Nagüeles, Marbella Sierra Blanca and Marbella Hill Club. 

All are bounded by the Río Verde to the west and the Arroyo Guadalpin to the east.