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Marbella - San Pedro Districts

Marbella  - SAN PEDRO districts   

Guadalmina Alta
Guadalmina is a beachside community that straddles the A-7 (old N-340) coast road, dividing it into Guadalmina Alta and Guadalmina Baja. 

Alta Vista 
On the northern boundary of Guadalmina Alta, east of Pantano de las Medranas and with access from Calle Principe de Asturias into Calle Alta Vista.

Valle del Sol 
Valle del Sol is on the northern boundary of Guadalmina Alta, west of Pantano de Medranas and east of Rio Guadalmina. It consists of a mix of established villas and farming units as well aslarge, modern (post-2000) villas.

San Pedro Centre 
San Pedro town centre, unlike others on the Costa de Sol, is located a few kilometres from the coast. This is because its origins were as a farming community set up around 1860. 

Fuente Nueva 
Fuente Nueva is a 1960s development area of San Pedro located just to the north of the Plaza de la Iglesia. The east is bounded by the tree-lined Calle Fuente Nueva and to the west is Avenida Pablo Ruiz Picasso.        

El Arquillo
El Arquillo is a modern area of San Pedro located on the eastern side of the town centre. At the northern end is the Polideportivo San Pedro Alcántara (multi-sports centre) and a park with activities such as a climbing wall.

El Salto
El Salto is the area to the east of the A-397 Ronda road, south of the AP-7 motorway and north of the new industrial estate enlarged after 2000. The lighting shop Aranda is a landmark in this commercial area. 

Fuente de Espanto
Fuente de Espanto is the old village area to the east of the A-397 Ronda road north of the AP-7 motorway. East of the main road you can see the "old" road.