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San Pedro Beachside Districts

San Pedro © Michelle Chaplow
San Pedro © Michelle Chaplow


On the beach side of the A-7 (was N-340) coast road, underpass and Boulevard there are several districts of San Pedro.

Guadalmina Baja
Guadalmina Baja is the beach-side part of the development that is divided by the A-7 (old N-340) coastal highway. The two parts, Guadalmina Baja and Guadalmina Alta are joined by a tunnel and are collectively known as Guadalmina.

El Ingenio 
El Ingenio  is one of the original villages of San Pedro farm estate. It now benefits from being located just to the beach side of the new Boulevard, as well as being conveniently opposite La Colonia shopping centre.

Linda Vista 
Linda Vista is an established ubanización constructed in the 1970s between El Ingenio district and the seafront. It consists of individual villa plots. To the east is Nueva Alcantara district.

Nueva Alcantara 
Nueva Alcantara ia a large expansive district is located to the south of the boulevard running all the way down to the seafront promenade.
The district was developed in the mid-nineties by the Nueva Alcantara group using a distinctive sail and sea logo, and the infrastructure constructed. Happily the first to be carried out was the long straight sea front tiled promenade to support the San Pedro beach.

Las Petunias 
Las Petunias is west of Nueva Alcantara is the older established district of Las Petunias. Its principal road running down to the seafront is Avenida Las Petunias. The district is residential with the only commercial area in the block next to the main road. It is a mix of villas and townhouses.

Cortijo Blanco 
Cortijo Blanco is one of the original historic districts of Marbella. The Hotel Cortijo Blanco was opened on 26 March 1961 by Miguel Garcia Rico, a doctor from Seville. Construction had begun in 1959, in what is now Calle Antonio Mingote, and by 1963, 60 chalets were also complete.