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Marbella Districts - Nueva Alcantara

Nueva Alcantara © Michelle Chaplow
Nueva Alcantara © Michelle Chaplow

san pedro beachside - Nueva ALCANTARA    

by Chris Chaplow

This large expansive district is located to the south of the boulevard running all the way down to the seafront promenade. This area was farmland and clearly demonstrates how San Pedro was an agricultural estate and not a fishing village. This open zone was used for various activities in the late 20th century such as concerts, motorbike concentrations, go-karting and even a small helicopter base.

The district was developed in the mid-nineties by the Nueva Alcantara group using a distinctive sail and sea logo, and the infrastructure constructed. Happily the first to be carried out was the long straight sea front tiled promenade to support the San Pedro beach.

The lateral road Calle Lyon was the temporary diversion for the coast road from 2007 to 2013 when the underpass was constructed. 

A number of modern apartment blocks have shops and restaurant at street level. The nearest thing to a community centre is the Padel and Tennis Club which has 11 padel courts and 4 tennis courts, restaurant, small gym, hairdressers and beauty salon. As well as tennis lessons, cultural activities take place here such as dance classes and summer schools. The club is located on Calle Barcelona. Laude private secondary school is located in Nueva Alcantara.

The principal access road from the centre of San Pedro down to the beach are the dual carriageways Avenida del Mediterraneaneo and Avenida de Salamanca. Other access roads are inconveniently one way either up or down. The eastern boundary road is Avenida de la Coruña with Las Petunias district.

The area lies between the San Pedro Boulevard park and the 2km long seafront promenade and beach which is part of the Malaga Costal Path

Following the property crash in 2008 all new building stopped. The first to start again in 2011 was the Taylor-Wimpey apartments which were completed in 2015. Their second development has started. The district has also been given a new lease of following the opening of the boulevard in 2015.

A number of trendy organic restaurants and cafes are opening up such as Owl (Ave Salamanca) to add to the old favourites such as Albert and Simon (Av Salamanca), Da Bruno's (Ave Mediterraneo), and Casa Fernando (Ave Mediterraneo).