Billionaire Club, Marbella

Billionaire Club (now Momento)

The Billionaire club was only open during the summer of 2012 and a new nightclub called Shout took its place in the 2013 summer season and was billed as a club with a new concept; the Shout Band playing live 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's music. Half of Marbella attended the launch party in April of 2013. This became MalaVida (Bad Life) in June 2014 and briefly West End when it closed mid summer 2017.

For the record, the Billionaire Club was an exclusive luxury venue owned by flamboyant Italian entrepreneur Flavio Briatore. It is part of the ex-Formula One team owner's international chain of clubs - others are in Istanbul and Monte Carlo. The Marbella club was situated on Marbella´s Golden Mile, just opposite the Hotel Puente Romano.

The club was decorated in classic Marbella "luxury" style with chandeliers, gold and diamante galore. The sofas and chairs were white, embroidered and edged with gold, or entirely in gold, the tables are gold, and all furniture was covered with throw cushions emblazoned with the Billionaire logo (the word "billionaire" with a smiley face inside the "o").

A night at Billionaire was not cheap; with a minimum entry fee of €30 including one free drink. There were 70 tables to rent and the maximum capacity was 1000. Personal magic and acrobatic shows were on offer for those who fancy an alternative to the normal night out. The large exterior patio area had tables and curtained booths with luxurious white and gold chaise longues and stools. There was also an outdoor bar if you want to drink al fresco. Indoors there was no bar - for service inside the club, you have to rent a table for €1000, which includes your drinks.

Billionaire was open from 11pm until 5am every night in the 2012 summerseason and closed in September 2012.