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Red Dog Cinema Puerto Banus © Michelle Chaplow
Red Dog Cinema Puerto Banus

Marbella Cinemas


Red Dog Puerto Banus
This seven screen multicinema complex which offers not just films but a multi use entertainment area, cafe, sale of artwork, hire of the screen for gamers. Before February 2022 the cnema here used to be called 'Los Cines Teatro Goya' and the soft lighting decor and homely furniture gave the impression of a old cinema club. Before 2013 it was 'Cine Gran Marbella'. This is the main cinema on the Costa del Sol that shows films with the original sound track; look out for the initials VOSE (Version Original Sub-titled in Spanish). Cinema Ticket purchase includes 3 hours free parking at SAABA Banus (under Plaza Antonio Banderas).
Address: Avenida Av. Julio Iglesias s/n - Puerto Banús. (Location)
No phone number published, use webs and social media
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La Cañada Cinesa
Eight screen cinema located within the La Cañada Shopping Centre on the Marbella by-pass.
Address: Ctra. de Circunvalación. Salida Ojén.
Tel: 902 333 231
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Cinesur Plaza del Mar - closed
Eight screen cinema
Address: C/ Camilo Jose Cela, s/n 

Brief history of Marbella Cinemas

The fist cinema in Marbella was opened in the mid 1920s and was called Cine Ochoa and was opened by Rafael Ochoa Alcázar.   Teatro Otal was later the principal theatre of Marbella was in the old bullring, now Calle Puerta del Mar, next to Ramón y Cajal, next to La Alameda.

The first cinema in San Pedro Alcántara. It was just called "cine del colonia", (Avenida Pablo Ruiz Picasso) and was later replace by the Imperial Cinema.  It also served as an improvised church with Francisco de Paula Espada, who rented films and donated the proceeds to charity.

El Rodeo Cinema was opened in 1948 on Pablo Ruiz Picasso Avenue by Marqués de Iván Rey, better known as Ricardo Soriano. The opening film was Gary Cooper's Beau Geste. The film had been shot nine years earlier, but at that time, it took a long time for films to reach Spain.

Marbella’s first cine de verano (summer cinema) called Marbella Cinema was opened in the 1950s with Gregory Peck's film The Millionaire. It was located in what is now the CEA building, opposite the Berrocal flower shop.

The Lid cinema did not last long due to a dispute with Ricardo Soriano. It was replaced by the Alameda cinema (Avenida Puerta del Mar next to the Alameda) and later the Teatro Principal.

Alfil Cinema was one of the 42 successful cinemas in Malaga province owned by Francisco Gómez. Opened on 24th May 1964 with the film 'Carmen Jones' the Alfil was the one that lasted the longest. It became a two-screen multcine in mid 1980s and closed its door on 10 May 1998. The office block that replaced it is called Edificio Alfil.  The Bingo hall which was on the street level arcade that ran through the building featured some of the Cinema Alfil panels and   memoribilia. The through arcade and Bingo closed in 2019 to make way for more retail space. Located in Avenida Ricardo Soriano 19.   

Francisco Gómez also opened in the east of Marbella the RicSol cinema, which was located in the RicMar hotel. It had a retractable roof so that it could operate in both summer and winter.

In the mid-1960s in San Pedro opened its great cinema: the Lope de Mena, perhaps the most sumptuous in the whole municipality.

Málaga Cinema in Calle Málaga, behind the Cruz de Humilladero was only open for a short time.

In 1975 the Liceo cinema opened with Silvester Stallone's Rocky. Located in calle Notario Luis Oliver 6.(Antigua calle Finlandia). The building remained until 2012 as a theatre.

A Cinema opened in Puerto Banús which lasted until 1992 and introduced films in original version without subtitles.

At the end of the 1970s opened summer Cine Miraflores (calle Trapiche, barriada Miraflores) and closed in mid 1980s. The site was later also used as a childrens playground and later a block of flats with supermarket at street level. 

Cine Magallanes was located in calle Magallanes, the building is now a Bingo. Marbella's at this time even had a cinema that never opened and was never named. Oasis multiplexes opened in 1983 and lasted three years.

In the Gil era with the redevelopment of the land behind Puerto Banus Marina came the Gran Marbella, which was renamed and restyled in 2013 as Cines Teatro Goya and another rename and restyle in 2022 as Red Dog Cinema.

Cinesur Plaza del Mar was only open a short time and closed rather strangely just after the digital projectors were installed.  

La Cañada Cinesa opened with the shopping centre and is still open today.


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