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The old cinemas of Andalucia have largely been replaced by large multi-screen air-conditioned complexes, showing mainly Spanish and dubbed US films (very few are subtitled in other languages). Exception is Cine Madregal which is a large old fashioned style cinema.  

Going to the cinema is an idea 'rainy day activity' simce many tourists would not consider doing something that you can do at home all year round, however it can still be an interesting experience, especially for those studying Spanish.

Films listed as ‘VO' - version original - are in their original language and subtitled in Spanish. Better still for those trying to improve their Spanish.

In the summer there is sometimes a season of cinema in the Charles V Palace in the Alhambra. 

Kinepolis Granada
Parque Comercial Kinépolis, Calle Blvd. Billy Wilder, s/n,
18197 Pulianas, Granada
Tel: 958 189 000
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Megarama Granada
Multicinema located in Neptuno Shopping Centre, known locall as Cine Neptune. 
Centro Comercial Neptuno, 
Local 33,
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Cinema Serrallo
Centro Comercial Serrallo Plaza
Paseo Lagunas de Cameros, 1, 18008 Granada.
Primera Planta.(First floor),
Tel: 958 164 275
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Traditional Cinema in Granada city.
Calle Carrera del Genil, 14 -16
Tel: 958 224 348
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Filmoteca de Andalucía. Sala Val de Omar
Traditional Cinema in Granada city. 1 screen.
C/ Profesor Sainz Cantero, 18002 Granada
Tel: 957 103 627
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