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Aracena - Cabildo Viejo

Cabildo Viejo

by Saskia Mier

Cabildo Viejo is a fifteenth century building that has been used as a granary, town hall, prison and municipal government offices.

The main entrance was made by Hernán Ruiz II in 1563, according to inscription. In addition to the date is the phrase "Verita de Terra Orta Est Justitia De Coela Prospexit" which translates to "The truth came from the earth and justice has looked at us from the top of the sky".

Currently, it is the Interpretation Centre of the natural park and headquarters of the Environment Agency. The centre aims to educate visitors of all the natural and cultural aspects that exist within the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park and a dynamic and interactive exhibition.

Visitors can also learn about all natural parks declared in Andalusia, in the specific area authorized for the RENPA (Network of Protected Spaces of Andalusia), as well as everything related to their flora, fauna, gastronomy, customs and traditions.

An interactive room recreates two of the most significant forests of the Sierra de Aracena, the meadow and the chestnut tree, along with a 15 minute video.

Guides can be reserved for a visit of the centre, however feel free to go in and get information on trails, municipalities and natural or cultural monuments of the natural park.

Opening Times:
Thursday-Sunday, 09:30-14:30hrs

Tel: 959 12 95 53
Plaza Alta