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Aracena - Plaza Alta

Plaza Alta

by Saskia Mier

The Plaza Alta is a square that was originally built as the centre of Aracena around the fifteenth century. With time and as the population of the village grew, the village expanded and the square no longer served as the centre.

On the square sits two very important buildings in Aracena; Cabildo Viejo information centre and Iglesia Santa María de la Asunción. Nearby is the striking Ayuntamiento (town hall) built in red-brick and designed by the renowned architect, Aníbal González in 1911, who worked on the Great Exhibition in Seville in 1929.

In between Cabildo Viejo and Iglesia Santa María de la Asunción is a small paved park area with some trees and shrubs, as well as seating area. You will usually find the older generation meet here as the retirement home is very close by.