RESTAURANTS in Almuñecar

An increasingly popular tourist destination due to its beaches and coastal location, Almuñecar is home to some top-class restaurants serving high quality Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. It has a good variety of restaurants, but the speciality here is the freshly-caught, local seafood and shellfish. 

Restaurants are located both in and out of town, some along the coast boasting fantastic outdoor terraces and spaces to eat whilst looking over the med, and others is small, pretty courtyards offering a good location to have a peaceful meal. 

Listed below are our personally-recommended restaurants in Almuñecar, Costa Tropical. Enjoy. 




This restaurant is located in the Hotel Casablanca and serves exquisitely-presented, top quality dishes. It has a nice outdoor dining space. Res. recommended. c.c´s accepted.
Plaza San Cristobal, 4 | Hotel Casablanca, 18690. Almuñecar
Tel: +34 958 635 575. 


Mar de Plata
Mar de Plata

Specialising in seafood and shellfish, as well as delicious lobster paellas, Mar de Plata offers a nice outdoor dining space near San Cristobal beach. Good value for money. Res. recommended. Lunch & dinner. Closed Tuesdays.
Ave Mar de Plata, #3, 18690. Almuñecar
Tel: +34 958 633 079. 


El Chaleco
El Chaleco

A top quality restaurant serving French cuisine and specialising in meats and patés, all dishes at El Chaleco are homemade. Closed Mondays and Sunday nights. Lunch & dinner. c.c´s accepted. 
Av Costa del Sol, 37 - 18690. Almuñecar
Tel: +34 958 632 402. 


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Los GeraneosLos Geraneos

With a concise menu, Los Geraneos specialises in seafood and meat dishes. Attentative staff and a pretty setting make for a very nice meal. Lunch & dinner. Res. recommended in high season.  
Plaza de la Rosa, 4, 18690. Almuñecar
Tel: +34 958 634 020. 



Offering a mixed menu of Italian, Spanish and international dishes, this restaurant serves very high quality food with great presentation. Family-run with a beachfront location. Lunch & dinner. 
Paseo Cotobro S/N, 18690. Almuñecar
Tel: +34 958 632 453. 


By LariusBy Larius

Offering an international menu and specialising in seafood, this restaurant offers dishes made with the freshest of ingredients. It also benefits from a good location near the beachfront. Lunch & dinner. Closed Sunday & Monday.
Paseo de Velilla 9, 18690. Almuñecar
Tel: +34 958 639 358. 


Los LaurelesLos Laureles

Offering creative, innovative dishes and an international menu, this restaurant offers great value for money in a beautiful setting. Also offers a tasting menu. Res. recommended. Lunch & dinner.
Ribera baja 14, 18690. Almuñecar
Tel: +34 958 069 132. 


Arbol BlancoArbol Blanco

Offering traditional Spanish food, including delicious salads and meat dishes, this restaurant has a fantastic beachfront location. A good ´menu del día´, perfect for lunch. Lunch & dinner. Closed Wednesdays.
Av Costa del Sol, Costa Banana, 18690. Almuñecar
Tel: +34 958 631 629. 


Meson Francisco IIMeson Francisco II

Specialising in barbecued meats and seafood, this restaurant offers an international menu and a beautiful outdoor seating area, in a courtyard. Good service. Lunch & dinner, open every day.
Calle Alta del Mar, 12, 18690. Almuñecar
Tel: +34 958 639 842. 


Firmum RestauranteFirmum Restaurante

Offering a diverse menu, a mix between Spanish and Asian fusion cuisine, this restaurant serves creative dishes with exquisite presentation. Also has an extensive wine list. Res. recommended.
Plaza Damasco,2, 18690. Almuñecar
Tel: +34 958 633 565. 



With a traditional, Spanish menu, Sabina specialises in seafood and fish dishes. Also does tapas and features a nice outdoor seating area with views to the sea. Lunch & dinner.
Paseo Puerta del Mar | Calle Marquita N.3, 18690. Almuñecar
Tel: +34 629 882 696. 



Offering excellent Italian cuisine, including seafood, meats and pizzas and pastas, Dante benefits from a great beachfront location. A quality restaurant.
Paseo de Cotobro | Edif. Los Ramos 7, 18690. Almuñecar
Tel: +34 697 864 385.