Roman Aqueduct, Almunecar

The Roman Aqueduct, constructed during the first century. © Michelle Chaplow
The Roman Aqueduct, constructed during the first century.

Roman Aqueduct

The aqueduct was built by the Romans during their reign over parts of Andalucia. The aqueduct would have served, not only as a valuable supply of fresh water to the town's population, but also would have been vital for the salting industry believed to be practiced in the town. The Parque del Majuelo houses the remains of the salting factories, used predominantly for salting fish.

walk it

The aqueduct runs between the Rio Verde (River Verde) and the Rio Seco (River Seco), from Almuñécar to the north of Torrecuevas, where the last of the aqueduct remains have been discovered. There is a walk that takes you up the valley of the Rio Seco, through Torrecuevas village and back to Almuñécar, via the Rio Verde valley. Some stretches are truly impressive, well worth the effort to find them.

remnants in the town

Venture North of Torrecuevas to a valley in the Rio Verde to see an impressive section of the aqueduct. There is also a section of the aqueduct discovered more recently, in the 20th century, that is located in the centre of Almuñécar town.