Torre de la Sal, Casares Costa

Torre de la Sal, Casares Costa © Michelle Chaplow
Torre de la Sal, Casares Costa © Michelle Chaplow

Torre de la Sal

Located on a coastal headland between River Manilva, Playa de la Sal and Arroyo Camarate next to Playa de Piedra Paloma. These form the small coastal strip of the municipal district of Casares. 

It is also known locally as "Torre del Salto de la Mora", (Tower of the Moor's leap).

The watchtower has two floors, and a square plan section. The present access door is set at ground level and this leads into a single dome ceiling chamber. A second door gives access to a small terrace on the headland looking out to sea. Inside a stone stairs lead up one side to a slightly smaller dome ceiling chamber. A further stone staircase leads up to the roof where there is a single turret

The order to build a defensive tower here was given by King Charles I in 1528. It was certainly build on top of the foundations of an existing Moorish structure, hence the square plan shape. The two storey construction suggests is was more of a very small fort than a lookout tower.

Records dated In 1567 state
 " ... Castle where the Duke of Arcos wanted to populate a place ... ".
 The Duke of Arcos also built some salt flats in the vicinity hence the name given to this tower. However things moved slowly in those days and in 1571 the tower was still not finished.

Torre de la Sal was occupied as a small Guardia Civil barracks up until the 1950's and then became derelict, though generally accessible, if not too dark and too smelly, to the casual visitor.

The tower has benefited from extensive restoration work inside and outside in 2010 including a new small fenced terrace outside both entrance doors. Today it is locked and only open to the public on special occasions.

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