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Festivals in Andalucia Due to the Coronavirus restrictions in Andalucia most traditional festivals and parades are yet to restart. Some are being replaced with smaller static events. Semana Santa (Holy week) 2022 is looking more likely to take place. Most concerts and theatrical events are taking place in seated and open-air venues. Keep up to date with the latest info about Coronavirus in Andalucia, Spain.

Semana Santa in Cordoba

Semana Santa in Cordoba

Female throne carriers in Luque. The procession of Maria Magdalena ©Michelle Chaplow
Female throne carriers in Luque

Semana Santa is celebrated in Córdoba capital and throughout the province with numerous villages having obtained the government stamp of approval "Fiesta of National Touristic Andalucia"

Those villages are:

Aguilar de la Frontera
Pozo Blanco
Puente Genil
Priego de Córdoba

The town of Baena is also known for a special attraction that shows up during the Holy Week processions. This is a character known as "The Jew" who is dressed to the hilt in a red jacket and black pants with a silk scarf and feathered hat who goes about beating a drum in the streets - adding ambience, we suppose!

The village of Luque is also unusual in that it has two Hermandades (Brotherhoods) comprised of women. Should we call them sisterhoods? More>

Watch a Semana Santa procession

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