Marbella Districts - Cortijo de Nagüeles

Cortijo de Nagüeles

Golden Mile Mountainside Districts - Cortijo de Nagüeles

Cortijo de Nagüeles district froms onto the Golden mile. However the frontage consists of a Supersol supermarket, particularly useful shopping stop for those renting apartments in this area and a large BP petrol station. 

Behind the comercial frontage that are residential developments. There is a large five-block development called Hacienda de los Nagüeles, built in the 2000s. Interestingly, behind this development there is still undeveloped land up to the motorway.

Costa Nagüeles I, II, and III are three established complexes in this district.

Bulevar Ashmawi
 it the western boundary of this district and leads up to Rocio de Nagüeles and provides a short cut to join the AP-7 tollway heading west. At the top by motorway is Urb. Los Pinos de Nagüeles.