Pinos Puente

Pinos Puente is an ideal destination for nature lovers as well as culture and history lovers. It has six main populated areas, all with their own small traditions and fiestas: Valderrubio, Casanueva, Fuensanta, Trasmulas, Zujáira and Pinos Puente itself.

Pinos Puente was home to the famous Spanish poet Federico García Lorca, who lived here during his childhood. It was in Pinos Puente, specifically the area of Valderrubio that he first studied literature and wrote some of his first works. It is said that he found the inspiration for his well-known work La Casa de Bernada Alba here. You can also visit his family house: number 20 on calle Iglesias, which has been converted into a museum and is definitely worth visiting, next door is the Casa de Alba, which inspired the famous book.

Other places to visit in Pinos Puente made famous by Lorca are the apeadero de San Pascual and la Fuente de la Teja (The Fountain of Teja) in the main village. The former is the station where Lorca’s family took the train to Granada City, and the latter where the poet went practically every day.

The relationship between Pinos Puente and the discovery of the United States of America is also interesting. Christopher Columbus was on his way to France, convinced that the Catholic Monarchs would not give him the necessary support for his voyage. However, he was sent for by Queen Isabella just as he reached Pinos Puente. The Queen gave him the backing for the trip, and the rest is history!

Another advantage of Pinos Puente is its location on la Ruta del Califato. This is a tourist route which starts in Córdoba, passes through Jaén and finishes in the city of Granada.

From an architectural point of view, certain monuments cannot be missed. La Casa de los Duques de Abrantes was built in the 17th century and is located in la Plaza de la Iglesia. La Ermita de Santa Fe and la Iglesia de la Consolación are the village churches. El Puente de Pinos is a bridge from the 10th century and is located in the village centre on the foundations of a previous Visigothic bridge. There are also many stately homes, which can be found on calle Real in the centre of Pinos Puente.

Pinos Puente is situated in the valley of Granada, extending to the foot of the western slope of Sierra Elvira and surrounded by the river Cubillas. This makes it ideal for hiking, mountain biking, hang-gliding and paragliding.


The typical diet of los pineros is made up of products such as sausages and various traditional recipes. These include migas, (a dish made with breadcrumbs, garlic, olive oil and other ingredients); gazpacho, (cold soup); guisos de habas, (bean stews); tortas de chicharrones, (pork scratchings); choto al ajillo (veal with garlic); and fideos a la cazuela, (noodle casserole).

As in Granada city, it is traditional to offer a free tapa with a drink in the bars of Pinos Puente.


The fiestas here differ in the various areas. Pinos Puente itself celebrates el Día del Patrón San Pascual Bailón, on the 17 May; la feria, during the second half of August; Conmemoración del Descubrimiento de América, on the 17th of April; El Día de la buena suerte; and the Procession of San Isidro Labrador in the Parque San Rafael on the 15 May.

In Casanueva, the main fiesta takes place on the 13 June, in honour of its patron saint San Antonio. In Valderrubio, la feria takes place on the 8 September. In Trasmula, la feria is on the 7 October.

In Zujáira, the 12 October is the fiesta del Ajo Blanco and the 15th of May is la fiesta de San Isidro Labrador.


Pinos Puente is 16km from Granada city. From Granada City take the A-92 (Direction Málaga) then take exit 236 towards Pinos Puente-Córdoba. Join the N-432 and you will arrive at Pinos Puente.

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