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Antiguo Convento de las Capuchinas

Antiguo Convento de las Capuchinas

The Capuchin Mothers settled in the Capuchin Convent in 1682. At first, it was under the patronage of the Town Hall, but later passed to Juan Moreno Ponce de León. With the transfer of the Capuchin Mothers in 1982 to their convent in Córdoba, all their sacred objects, relics, church altarpiece and other artistic artefacts left the city. Restored by the Workshop School, the house currently holds the Antonio González Orea Museum of Plastic Arts. Asset of Cultural Interest 1997. Located on Calle Calancha.

Opening Times:
Tuesday-Friday, 18:00-20:00hrs
Saturday and Sunday, 110:00-13:00hrs
Tel: 953 50 59 03