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Torre del Reloj

Torre del Reloj

According to local tradition, the clock tower is located where the minaret of the Arab mosque that existed in this square once stood. Built in brick and stone, it was completed in 1534. It features a fabulous imperial coat of arms, which shows the lineage of the Trastamara and the Habsburgs on the right-hand side, and that of Avis (the lineages of Emperor Carlos V and his wife Isabel of Portugal) on the left, and a carved sundial in stone. Currently, the clock tower is the Andújar Tourist Information Office. Located in Plaza Santa María.

Opening Times:
October-May, Monday-Friday, 09:00-14:00hrs and 17:00-19:00hrs
October-May, Saturday, 09:00-13:30hrs
June-September, Monday-Friday, 08:00-15:00hrs
June-September, Saturday, 09:00-13:30hrs
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