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The Village of Benadalid © Michelle Chaplow
The Village of Benadalid



Benadalid is a village that is working hard to develop its reputation for quality rural tourism. With a perfect location, this has not been difficult as the town is situated in the Genal River Valley and close to the Guadiaro Valley and surrounded by Cuco mountains and near the  “Tajo de los Aviones” and “Tajo de la Cruz” gorges.




Things to See

The town of Benadalid itself is worth a visit. It is divided in two parts. On one side you will find the typical Arab-style Andalucian town with narrow, winding streets. On the other side – basically around the main square, is a more modern layout. That is where you’ll find the San Isidro Church which was built in the 16th century and restored in the 18th century.

The most outstanding monument in Benadalid, however, is the Moorish castle that is situated on the edge of the town’s centre. The municipal cementary is located inside.

© Michelle Chaplow

While in Benadalid you might also like to visit the Alambique Museum which is an old distillery now housing local arts and crafts and a display of local customs. The artisans of Benadalid continue the local tradition of working with cork.


If you’d like to try the local gastronomy, then get ready for a moorish-style stew, hot gazpacho – a variation of the traditional Spanish gazpacho -  vinegar soup and a rather surprising dish called “mal cocinao”, which translates literally as “badly cooked”!


If you’re looking for festivals in Andalucia August is the best month of the year to visit Benadalid because there’s so much going on in this little town. This is when they have a parade in honour of the patron saint (San Isidro), they also have a flamenco party and celebrate the “Día del Niño” (Day of the Child). To top it all off there is a Moors and Christians play that takes place at and around the castle. Some say that this re-enactment of the battle between Moors and Christians goes back to the 17th century. Other festivals throughout the year include Holy Week and Easter Sunday and another patron saint day, this time for the Virgin of the Rosary.



To reach Benadalid from the Costa del Sol, take the A-397 from San Pedro de Alcántara to Ronda and then the A-369 from Ronda to Benadalid. From Sabinillas and Manilva take the A-377 to Gaucin and then the A-369 to Benadalid.




© Michelle Chaplow
The Village of Benadalid