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Seville - Big Wheel


The Seville Noria is closed and  was located on the riverside from June 2015 to November 2016 next to the Aquarium.

The big wheel, which opened in June 2015 and is 40 metres high, was located on the Muelle de las Delicias, close to the Puente de la Delicias. It had 30 small cabins, one VIP with bottle chiller and leather seats, and 29 regular ones, each holding four people. The Noria looked very pretty lit up at night. Admission was Adults 7.50 euros, children aged 4-14 and over-65s, 5.50 euros.

From your cabin, you got a great view of the river and port, Maria Luisa Park with buildings such as the Pabellon de Argentina from the Expo 29, and the curious striped Costurero de la Reina, as well as the Quinto Centenario suspension bridge, built for the Expo 92 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Columbus' voyage to the new World.

The big wheel carried 60.000 tourist in the first year of operation, under the expectations of 350.000. For this reason the operator gave notice to the council that it wished to cease operating at this site and recind its 15 year consession. The operator Sequoia Partners, had also tried unsuccessfully to run a big wheel at Prado de San Sebastián gardens ten years ago.  

In July 2015 the town hall denied, Mederyt, the promotor of the Malaga big wheel permission to operate a big wheel at the more central location of Muelle New York citing incompatability of the location.