Festivals in Rota

There are a number of summer cultural festivals in Rota which are based on the Castillo de Luna. These include flamenco, classical music and theatrical events. In August there is a week of professional theatre plus the 'Arranque de Roteño' a flamenco singing and dancing extravaganza during which those attending savour the typical Rota culinary dish which gives its name to the event.

Motorcyclists will be pleased to know that the town hosts the Concentración anual de motos Villa de Rota each February.

Every September there is an athletics event, El Triatlón Villa de Rota.

Fiestas: Rota celebrates carnival time in February, and in common with the rest of Spain has Semana Santa parades during Easter week. In April there is a romería (a colourful pilgrimage) in honour of San Isidro Labrador. In May, the Feria de Primavera honours the patron saint of Rota, San Fernando. July sees the celebration of the feast of the Virgen del Carmen that has special significance for fishing communities. In August there is the Fiesta de la Urta and in October the fiesta in honour of the Virgin del Rosario.

Details of all events in Rota can be obtained from the Tourist Office, Palacio Municipal Castillo de Luna, Cuna, 2. Tel: 956 846 345. Fax: 956 846 346.


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