Network Marketing

Network Marketing

Business networking is an increasingly popular concept in Andalucia. It is particularly useful within English speaking ex-pat communities, where local, mutually beneficial business relationships can seem thin on the ground and often take years to establish.

Business networking is a process whereby all types of business people, from local entrepreneurs to employees of large conglomerates meet in an informal fashion to exchange ideas, make new contacts and maintain long established relationships.

Throughout Andalucia, business network organisations exist in various forms while lunch meetings or similar functions can take place as often as once a month.



In short, business networking creates:

  • Trusted business introductions, referrals and trading
  • Personal relationships built up over time
  • Future employees, partners, suppliers and customers
  • The ability to build a good reputation and valuable connections
  • Help and advice from many professional business brains
  • Contacts, knowledge, support and business transactions

Dos & Don´ts

The key to good business networking is to focus on creating long-term relationships with people who can help each other out. It is important to listen and focus on how you can help the person you are listening to, rather than on how he or she can help you. Thus you will create a win/win situation: you will know the kind of person they are, whether you can help them, and therefore whether they will be able to do the same for you.

Remember that networking is all about quality, not quantity and above all, it is not about getting the most business cards. Cards are not considered to be business networking "opportunities" as business cards will never match the gradual development of a new relationship with an associate with whom you will exchange assistance, leads and business over a period of time.

Business Networking Organisations In Andalucia

Business Networking Organisations In Andalucia.


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