Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment or employment agencies are a relatively new concept in Andalucia. They are, however, long overdue as the influx of foreign visitors has created a great need for workers in many business sectors throughout the region.

Over the past ten years many Northern Europeans have moved to Southern Spain in seek of a better lifestyle. This is no less true for the new generation of 30 to 50 somethings who have arrived in Andalucia with great entrepreneurial spirit, creating themselves a wealth of new employment opportunities in Spain.

It is estimated that by 2015, Spain will need more than a million workers from abroad to maintain its ever expanding economy. Many of the jobs in the forefront of the international job market will be in s ales and marketing, tourism or services. However, managerial and highly-qualified jobs are more difficult for foreigners to obtain unless they speak fluent Spanish. Competition is high for these jobs even amongst Spaniards and the language barrier becomes a bigger barrier the higher up the managerial ladder you wish to climb.

The Spanish job market is so strong it should not be too difficult to get a job, particularly in tourist areas. Wages are a good deal lower than in northern Europe but most would agree the quality of life is worth the drop in salary.

Interviews in Spain

Interviews are conducted in much the same way as in any other European country although dress code tends to be less formal. Unless you are going for an interview for a top professional job or a position in a large multinational corporation, a formal suit will be unnecessary. However, smartly casual wear or suits without a jacket, but preferably a tie for an office position, are acceptable. In Spain the handshake is acceptable as the best form of introduction for an interview.
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