Kitesurfing - Areas in Tarifa

Tarifa - All the colours of the rainbow, flying in the wind ©Michelle Chaplow
Tarifa - All the colours of the rainbow, flying in the wind

KITESURFING areas in Tarifa

Since the sport can be potentially dangerous, with boards moving along at up to 80km/h, surfers and bathers are separated by yellow buoys on Tarifa’s beaches. Two kitesurf zones along the beaches to the north of Tarifa are strictly enforced in the summer when the beaches are crowded with bathers. In the winter, rules are more relaxed.

Playa de los Lances (Hotel Dos Mares)

The Playa de los Lances  'Zona Kite', is located 4km from Tarifa town, is the main kitesurf venue. It is located at the northern end of Playa de los Lances, including the area around the mouth of the Rio Jara, near the car park from where motor-boats and jet-skis can be launched.

The area to the north of this zone as far as La Peña is reserved for windsurfing.

Playa Valdevaqueros

The Playa Valdevaqueros  ‘Zona Kite’ is the southern part of Playa Valdevaqueros (8km from Tarifa) - the northern section as far as the dunes is for windsurfers. This is a smaller area which is often very crowded, especially with boarders doing stunts and tricks, however it is safer in a levante wind as the Punta Paloma headland offers protection and also adds interest as a sighting reference. Rocks at the southern end are a potential hazard, so seek local advice on negotiating these.


In Bolonia, which is the bay to the north, the kitesurf area is in front of La Cabaña beach bar.

Most kitesurfers with their own equipment stay in a hotel (or campsite) in the beach area, within walking distance from the sea, and then head into Tarifa town to go out in the evening. If you have a car and are hiring equipment from a school, you could stay in a hotel in the town.

Tarifa Town

There are three areas nearer Tarifa town that are used by Kiters in the off season. Playa Balneario which is next to Tarifa town and the causeway in front of beach bar Bienestar. Campo de Futbol near the football ground easy access and parking. Rio Jara by the river mouth and the campsite.  Remember the wind is stronger nearer Tarifa town and these location are dangerous in a levante wind. 

Getafe  & Palmones

Other locations 30km east of Tarifa in the Meditarrenean and Bay of Algeciras, these are used mainly when the wind in Tarifa is levante as the wind will blow onshore in Getafe and Palmones.

Kite Surfing Lessons in Tarifa

Kite Surfing Lessons in Tarifa
Kite Surfing Lessons in Tarifa

Enjoy private, semiprivate or group kitesurfing courses in Valdevaqueros and Los Lances in Tarifa. Beginners kitesurfing classes are designed by our IKO licensed instructors for kids, adults and seniors. Safety as the primary concern. All equipment and insurance is included and options with transportation are available.

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