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Parador de Ubeda

A 17th century renaissance palace in the center of the city of Úbeda
A 17th century renaissance palace in the center of the city of Úbeda © Paradores
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Parador de Ubeda

The Parador in Úbeda, known as the Condestable Dávalos Parador, makes yet another gorgeous historical gem open to the public. This time you can stay in a 17th century renaissance palace right in the heart of the historic city of Úbeda.


The Úbeda Parador is within walking distance to many restaurants and fine cafés. It’s located right in the heart of the city in Plaza de Vazquéz Molina, which happens to be one of the main features on your list of sights to see as you also have the Sacra Capilla del Salvador right across the square. Many more key sights are within walking distance.


The palace was built in the first half of the sixteenth century by order of Fernando Ortega y Salido. He commissioned leading Spanish renaissance architects Andrés de Vandelvira who had completed Jaen Cathedral Jaén, and Luis de Vega, the royal architect. The building is a classic Renaissance palace. Constructed in quarry stone, this two storey building is almost rectangular in shape and features a central open patio. It emphasizes a sober facade whose horizontality lines are underlined by the symmetry of its balcony lintels and the principal one is framed by Doric columns on which two angels hold a coat of arms. There are the beautiful corner windows on the second floor, a detail typical of the Ubedanese Renaissance. Reformed as a hotel between 1929-1930, it was the first historical building that underwent a complete restoration, using contemporary techniques that then permitted large openings in the ground floor structure.


The central courtyard of the palace is one of the most beautiful in Úbeda. It is a classic two storey patio with four galleries with semicircular arches supported by slender columns of white marble. It is one of the best examples of the so-called "nazarite module" because, in its fragility and gracefulness, the columns are reminiscent of the Alhambra in Granada.

Dean Fernando Ortega

Dean Fernando Ortega (1490-1571) planned this magnificent palace so that he could live next to the church he served, Ortega was Dean of Malaga Cathedral when he was called to Úbeda for the chapel of Francisco de los Cobos. Unfortunately he died shortly before its completion. 



The Parador at Úbeda is comfortable and has it’s own restaurant that, in true Parador tradition, serves regional specialities.

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Parador de Ubeda

Located in the beautiful, monumental city of Úbeda, this Parador is housed in a former, 16th-century palace and has kept its original, classical-style interior decor.

Parador de Úbeda’s rooms are all spacious, with high ceilings and equipped with modern facilities, such as a TV.


Plaza de Vázquez Molina, s/n,

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