Parador Hotels in Andalucia - Ayamonte

Panoramic view of Ayamonte
Panoramic view of Ayamonte © Paradores
Parador de Ayamonte
Where the Guadiana meets the Atlantic.

Ayamonte Parador

The outstanding feature of the Ayamonte Parador in Huelva province are the views of the wetlands where the Guadiana River meets the Atlantic. As you sit on the terrace you can also take in the spectacular, modern bridge that spans the waters between Spain and Portugal.

If one word could some up the architecture and decor at the Ayamonte Parador, it would be “contemporary”. Rather than focusing on historical monuments, this hotel aims to make this lovely seaside area accessible to visitors. It’s a good base for exploring the villages of the Algarve in Portugal and enjoying the unbeatable beaches of Huelva in Spain.

Keep in mind that this area is known across Spain for its fresh seafood. The Parador kitchen turns out excellent fare in this department and you would do well to try some of the local dishes. have stayed this hotel
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