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Alhambra - Justice Gate

Alhambra © Michelle Chaplow
The Alhambra and the backdrop of the magnificent Sierra Nevada mountain range.

by Lawrence Bohme

Justice Gate

We discover the enormous Gate of Justice - the largest gate of the palace which leads inwards to the only flattish area of the citadel, where the Palace of Carlos Quinto stands.

The Arabic name for the gate was long believed to refer to Islamic justice or law - charia. But in fact this was a misinterpretation for a similar-sounding word, and it has been shown that the translation should be Gate of the Esplanade. Its multiple arches are decorated with the Hand of Fatima, Mohammed's daughter, and the key to the Islamic paradise, as well as a Virgin and Child placed there by the Catholic Monarchs to consecrate the gate for Christianity.

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Hotels within the Alhambra's grounds

Hotels within the Alhambra's grounds

This itinerary was written for Andaluca.com by Lawrence Boheme author of “Granada, City of My Dreams”. For, what fascinates us about this universal city is not only its monuments but its marvellous story, “the encounter between Moor and Christian, gypsy and Jew, medieval and Renaissance, glistening snow and Mediterranean sun. Lawrence Bohme, poet, illustrator and curious traveller, has filled these pages with luminous descriptions and drawings, the culmination of forty years of wanderings through the palaces and labyrinths.