Huelva Province - Lucena del Puerto

Lucena del Puerto

by Saskia Mier

Lucena del Puerto is situated south of El Condado. One of the well-known locations in Huelva dedicated to agricultural, specifically strawberry and raspberry production, as seen by the surrounding fields of greenhouses. It has about 2800 inhabitants.


The first settlers arrived in the area during the course of the Paleolithic era, as suggested by remains found from the archaeological site of the Dehesa. In this same site and under the same conditions, remains dating to the Neolithic and Bronze Age have also been found.

Roman presence is confirmed by coins, pottery and architectural remains including several bases and shafts of structural columns. It is thought the current nucleus of the village was developed during the Moorish period, though probably on previous remains of Roman villas.

There is no predominant evidence from the Visigoth period, but presumably some kind of presence. The later Moorish conquest did not cause any significant change in lifestyle and some visible remains can be found in Valbuena, El Bosque and La Herrería.

The Christian conquest introduced new elements throughout modernity and the first half of the nineteenth century.


Iglesia Parroquial San Vicente Mártir
The Gothic-Mudejar style church dates to the sixteenth century. Located in Plaza de la Constitución.

Azulejo de la Santísima Trinidad
A unique ceramic tile which sits on the front of one of Lucena del Puerto's houses. The tile dates back to the eighteenth century, and consists of 20 pieces creating the image of el Padre, el Hijo y el Espíritu Santo (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

Capilla de la Santa Cruz
The chapel was built in 1992 consisting of a courtyard of geraniums that adorn and give colour. Its front consists of tiles with religious pictures and drawings. Located on Calle Malva.

Capilla de la Santa Cruz de Arriba
The regionalist chapel has a beautiful front decorated with tiles showing images of La Pasión and El Cordero de Cristo en la Cruz.


Castillo El Bosque
The castle was categorised as a Bien de Interés Cultural (Cultural Interest) in 1985. It is located in the resting point of El Bosque.

Torre del Río del Oro
Torre del Río del Oro, also known as Torre del Loro, is a tower of very important archaeological site of the Guadalquivir-Guadiana line, currently in a poor state due to corrosion. It was built in the seventeenth century, together with the other Torres de Almenara(towers) that are scattered on the Andalusian coast.

Monasterio de Nuestra Señora de la Luz
The monastery is also known as Convento de la Luz and dates back to the fifteenth century.Its Gothic-Mudejar style was categorised as a Bien de Interés Cultural (Cultural Interest) in 1985. Located 3kms west of Lucena del Puerto, off the A-486.

Parajes El Pinar de Santa Catalina, Majada de Andrés,
Arroyo Gil, Pinar de la Cruz y Casa Forestal
Various resting points are found in the surroundings of Lucena del Puerto, each one offering unique features. A 3km walking route is also accessible from Pinar de la Cruz.


The gastronomy of Lucena del Puerto is rustic and takes advantage of local produce such as caldereta de liebre (hare stew), las caballas asadas (roast mackerel) and los revoltillos de cordero con tomate (lamb in tomato stew). All can be enjoyed with local wine from Comarca El Condado. Sweet treats are pastries such as amarguillos, roscos, tortas de manteca, polvorones, empandillas and pestiños, traditionally made during Easter.


Traditional handicrafts to Lucena del Puerto include all types of needlework such as embroidery, knitting, crochet etc. Still very popular today and are made with great detail. Another traditional craft is drum making. The drums are those taken on pilgrimages, specifically to El Rocio in May.


Fiestas de San Vicente Mártir
Celebrated the 22 Febuary in honour of the patron saint, San Vicente Mártir.

Fiestas de la Patrona la Virgen de la Luz
Celebrated the 15 August.

A very traditional and popular festival with a variety of processions that place through the streets of Lucena del Puerto.

Las Cruces
Celebrated during the month of May. The four Cruces that exist in Lucena del Puerto are all decorated and taken round the village with their followers.

El Romerito
A small pilgrimage celebrated in June in honour of the Virgen del Rocío. Horsemen, horsewomen and pilgrims on foot all set off together to celebrate.


Lucena del Puerto is located 24kms from Huelva. To get there, take the H-31 leaving Huelva, and continue onto the A-49 towards Seville. Take Exit 75 and 1st exit at the roundabout onto the A-494 passing San Juan del Puerto on your right. Continue over the Rio Tinto, take left turn at junction onto the A-486 and 2nd exit at the roundabout. Continue until you reach Lucena del Puerto. 


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