El Condado

El Condado

El Condado or 'El Condado de Huelva' is the name of a 'comarca' (region or area)  in the south east of the province of Huelva. It is made up from 16 municipal districts and even more smaller villages.

The municipal districts are  Almonte (including El Rocio), Beas, Bollullos Par del Condado, Bonares, Chucena, Escacena del Campo, Hinojos, La Palma del Condado, Lucena del Puerto, Manzanilla, Niebla, Paterna del Campo, Rociana del Condado, Trigueros, Villalba del Alcor y Villarrasa.

El Condado is bounded on the east by the River Guadalquivir and Seville province and the province of Cadiz to the west by the city of Huelva, to the north by the comarca of El Andavalo and Rio Tinto and to the south by the Alantic Ocean.

The largest town is La Palma del Condado.

Historically this comarca was part of the Condado de Niebla, which belonged to the Casa de Medina Sidonia. One of the traditional industries is wine making which is overseen today by the Denominación de Origen Condado de Huelva. 

Almonte is the town better known for the small village in its municipal district and to the south called El Rocío, home to the Virgen del Rocío which receives over a million pilgrims to her Ermita… More →

Villarrasa is situated within the Comarca El Condado and thrives on it agricultural production of olives, vines and fruit. It has about 2100 inhabitants.

Villalba del Alcor is situated in the heart of Comarca El Condado, east of La Palma del Condado. It thrives mainly on agriculture, specifically grape for the local production of wines from the… More →

Trigueros is situated along the west side of the Comarca El Condado. A predominantly agricultural village with about 7400 inhabitants.

San Juan del Puerto is situated far south west of Comarca El Condado, bordering the capital of Huelva. Although considered an agricultural village, it is also an industrial location, due to its… More →

Rociana del Condado is situated within the Comarca El Condado. Like its neighbouring villages, it thrives on agriculture, mainly strawberries, raspberries and grapes for the local wine. It has… More →

Paterna del Campo is situated east of the Comarca El Condado. An agricultural village surrounded by worked land and neighbouring Escacena del Campo. It has about 3500 inhabitants.

Manzanilla is situated east of the Comarca El Condado surrounded by agricultural land, mainly vine, all to which goes to producing local wines from the Condado. It has about 2300 inhabitants.

Lucena del Puerto is situated south of El Condado. One of the well-known locations in Huelva dedicated to agricultural, specifically strawberry and raspberry production, as seen by the surrounding… More →

Escacena del Campo is the most eastern village of the province of Huelva and offers landscapes painted with fields of sunflowers, cereals and olive trees. Close by is Pata del Caballo, a natural… More →

Hinojos is situated within the Comarca of El Condado. Legend has it that it was here that King Alfonso X fell to his death on his knees before the patron saint, Virgen del Valle. It has about 3,… More →

Chucena is situated in the Huelva Comarca of El Condado and sits east of the province as the last village before getting to the province of Seville. It has 2020 inhabitants.

Bonares is situated east of the city of Huelva covering a surface area of 66km². It is a village rich in history and is home to 6244 inhabitants.

Bollullos par del Condado is within the comarca of El Condado and its 50km² of land is east of the province of Huelva. Its name "Par del Condado", meaning to be "with", comes from its proximity to… More →

Beas is located in the centre of the province of Huelva within El Condado. Most famously known for its belenviviente, a live Christmas nativity that has spectators coming from all round the… More →

La Palma del Condado provides a traveller with many attractions both cultural and gastronomic during any season. The old part of town has been declared of cultural interest and the surrounding… More →

Gibraleon is one of the largest municipalities in the province located 15km north of Huelva city and is famous for its excellent olive oil.

El Condado or 'El Condado de Huelva' is the name of a 'comarca' (region or area) in the south east of the province of Huelva. It is made up from 16 municipal districts and even more smaller… More →

The village of Niebla is located roughly 30km to the southeast of Huelva city and 60km from Seville on the shores of the río Tinto. It is located on plain land. With a population of roughly 4000… More →

This is a strange outpost of the Wild West, with wide, sandy streets lined with houses complete with broad verandas and wooden rails for tying up horses. It is famous for its annual Romería, the … More →

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