Town Hall and old Court House

Town Hall and old Court House

The Town Hall and old Court House building is an important construction in the Andalusian plateresque style due to its Italian component features.

In 1502 King Charles I was made aware of the need to build a new prison in Baeza due to the poor conditions of the existing one. The building was constructed in 1520 and the Casa de Corregidor was constructed in 1559.

From 1867 this building would also house the Town Hall. The door on the left was the access to the jail. It consists of a semicircular arch, with smooth voussoirs and two caryatids on the sides which represent Justice and the Charity. The door on the right was the access to the Town Hall, with a segmental arch and a cartouche. In the upper part of the building there are four balconies with an arch and two decorated linteled openings. The façade also features the coats of arms of Philip II with the eagle of San Juan, the mayor and the city.


Located on Pasaje Cardenal Benavides.