A Stroll Around Ronda

Take a Stroll Around Ronda. © Michelle Chaplow
Take a Stroll Around Ronda.

From "Plaza de España" proceed down "Calle Rosario" then first right down "Los Remedios" passing the "Iglesia de Nuestro Padre Jesus" to the "Old Bridge". Here you cross the over the river viewing the "Arab Bridge" on one side and the Gorge on the other. In front you will see the Puerta de Felipe V. From the bridge you can see the Arab Baths.

Once over the New Bridge turn right and up the steep narrow lane passing the "Palacio de Marques de Salvatierre" (Note the wrought iron balconies that are typical of Ronda. This Palace dates back to the 16th Century.) The street now passes the "Casa del Rey Moro" (18th Century Palace). At the Casa del Rey Moro you can now visit the beautiful gardens and the "water mines"; descend 300 steps right and emerge right down inside the taj itself. Continue up the street you are back to the top again. Turn right and cross over the tajo by "Puente Nuevo" to return to "Plaza de España".

If you wish to descend the Tajo to the West and perhaps take the classic "Ronda" photograph for yourself (best in the afternoon with the sunlight on "Puente Nuevo".) From "Plaza de España" cross the Puente Nuevo and turn right down a street called Tenorio, keeping to the right when the road divides after a few minutes you will notice at the start of a cobbled path which drops steeply back towards the Tajo. Follow this down to ruins called "Arco del Cristo". From here are the best views of Puente Nuevo and the Tajo. Well worth the walk back uphill.

Self-Guided Audio Tour in Ronda

Self-Guided Audio Tour in Ronda

Andalucia's City Of Dreams: A Self-Guided Audio Tour of Ronda

Looking for a way to see Ronda’s miradors, bridges and history without joining a tour group? Explore at your own pace with this walking tour: All in 75 minutes or linger at stops along the way with complete control over when you start and finish. Unlimited use before your booking date and after it. Use the virtual tour option at home.